Pulp Riot (USA)

In this article, we will delve into what this dye is, why we use it, its longevity, color range, as well as the pros and cons of coloring with it.

So, what is Pulp Riot?

The creators of this dye are Alexis and David Thurston, owners of the beauty salons Butterfly Loft and Ubungalows Luxury Salon Suites. Additionally, they are the minds behind the Butterfly Circus, a touring team consisting of the world's most recognized stylists who create grand shows. In 2016, they gifted us with the revolutionary professional direct dye and hair lightening line, Pulp Riot. The line includes 16 rich and pastel shades of dye, including the Clear shade (for color dilution).
All shades can be mixed together. What sets this dye apart from its history? The dye is 100% vegan and not tested on animals, it also does not contain ammonia. Hair becomes not just well-cared for, but soft and shiny.

Primary advantages of the dye:

- a wide range of shades, including a vast pastel spectrum.
- there is a neon palette (fluorescent under UV light).
- colors can be mixed, creating hundreds of shades.
- short processing time.
- pleasant scent.
- comfortable dye consistency for the scalp.
- ammonia-free, safe during pregnancy and for children.
How long does it last? As with most dyes, it depends on the color and care. For instance, violet lasts quite long (around 2 months), while pastel tones last up to a month. With proper hair care, it can last longer. How to care for it correctly? Firstly, use sulfate-free shampoos and paraben- and SLS-free conditioners (we recommend American brands like Global Keratin, Paul Mitchell, Puff me). Secondly, use heat protectant during drying and, of course, maintain proper nutrition.
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