Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin hair straightening is designed to smooth stubborn curls and provide smoothness and shine to straight-textured hair. The keratin solution is applied to damp hair (previously treated with clarifying shampoo), which is then blow-dried at a specific air temperature using a brush. Subsequently, the keratin is sealed into the hair's cuticle at a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius. For fine and severely damaged hair, the temperature is reduced to 180 degrees.


- The Resistant keratin formula contains formaldehyde, which has an unpleasant odor (stinging eyes, throat irritation).
- Steam can occur during the sealing process (due to protein sealing).
- Not recommended for super-lightened blondes.
- Hair will still need to be blow-dried; otherwise, it won't be perfectly smooth.
- Hair should not be washed for 48 hours after the procedure.
- When the keratin wears off, the hair might feel stiff.


- Hair becomes manageable and easy to style after the procedure.
- If done immediately after vibrant coloring, the color gets sealed in and lasts longer, preserving color vibrancy.
- Effectively straightens highly curly hair.
- Brings the dream of straight, even hair to life.

This procedure is cumulative in nature, and with each session, hair styling becomes easier. With proper drying, you can forget about hair straighteners forever.


During the procedure, avoid opening your eyes; if you experience throat irritation, drink water. Do not wash your hair, do not style it, do not tie it into ponytails/braids, avoid using hairpins/clips, and it's preferable not to wear glasses for 48 hours after the procedure. The keratin formula includes a protein-peptide blend called Juvexin, designed to restore hair from within. Juvexin is also present in Gkhair's care products (shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc.), using which will prolong the effects of the procedure. Proper hair care should be done using good sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

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