Joico Hair Reconstruction

The procedure is designed to restore damaged hair through molecular-level reconstruction. It is conducted in 4 stages. If the hair is severely damaged, some stages are repeated twice. Each reconstruction stage is applied for 5 minutes; on average, the procedure takes from 20 to 120 minutes. None of the reconstruction compounds are applied to the scalp. It's recommended to have this service done 2 weeks before or after coloring. For best results, maintain your hair using Joico shampoos and conditioners – this will help preserve the effects longer.

1st step.

Hair washing with a clarifying shampoo. Intended to remove dust/dirt/styling residues from the hair. Opens the hair cuticle for further treatment.

2nd step.

Application of balance conditioner that smooths the cuticle and reconstructs damaged hair sections. At this stage, you'll understand the degree of hair damage and how easily it can be combed.

3rd step.

Mask restores the hair's natural structure.

4th step.

Conditioning mask moisturizes the hair and seals the cuticle.


The procedure can be performed during coloring, combined with additional restorative products.
Especially convenient for those with a busy schedule and limited free time.
Leaves the hair incredibly smooth, pleasant to touch; it looks healthy and beautiful.
Heat styling tools can be used immediately after the procedure.
The procedure has a cumulative effect. You'll notice visible results right away.


Unfortunately, if the hair is severely damaged, the reconstruction effect might be less noticeable.
Severely split ends will remain noticeable.

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